A wrong turn

I went the wrong way. I ran an extra 1.6miles I didn’t have to run, up a hill and back again. And, I was only 2miles from the finish when I did. What a numpty. 

Yes, while competing in the brilliant Surrey Original race at Polesden Lacey on Saturday, I committed a rookie error and turned right 2 yards ahead of where I should have done. The signage was beautifully designed and entirely accurate, but my brain clearly wasn’t working. 

I had just overtaken what turned out to be the third place runner in a brutal 21km challenge across mud and up nearly 2000 feet of climb in the stunning Surrey Hills. I was pleased as I had been chasing him down for a couple of miles and was finishing strongly despite not pushing too hard in the race. And then I turned right and started up yet another incline. It didn’t feel correct, but the guy behind followed. It was only when we reached a road at the top of the hill that I realised my error. It’s fair to say my fellow competitor wasn’t too happy…

Annoying, yes, but I still finished 7th (the other guy finished 8th, a couple of minutes back). I would have taken that at the start of the day. It has taught me a lesson on the need to concentrate, especially during the latter stages of trail races. But who can complain when you have your own little fan club awaiting you in the rain at the finish. You have to love days like these. 

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