Running gear

The gear I use when running…

Shoes: I presently wear Adidas Adizero shoes for road running and Adidas Kanadia for trail running. My road running shoes include pairs of Adizero Ace and Adizero Adios Boost shoes for general training. For racing or track sessions I wear a pair of lighter Adizero Feather shoes. And for cross country I wear a pair of Saucony Kilkenny XC 5 Spikes.

Rucksack: When commuting to work or taking part in ultra runs, I use an Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) Ultra 15 rucksack. Am really happy with this bag. It’s lightweight yet has everything I need, including a front belt pocket for my phone, nutrition and train ticket.

Running belt: To keep my phone in during training runs (mostly to track progress using the Strava app) or nutrition during longer runs or marathons, I use a lightweight SPI Belt. It’s waterproof, and uncomplicated.

Earphones: I have been using Yurbuds for training runs for a number of years now. Everyone else I know has no issue with them. Oddly, I struggle to keep them in my ears. They are clearly a great bit of kit, and I persist with them. However, I need to wear a Buff bandana over my ears to keep them in place.

Technical tops and shorts: I wear a range of training tops and shorts made by a host of running manufacturers; from Nike and Adidas to Ron Hill and Kalenji. For racing I wear split shorts – a throwback to the 1980s (!) – and, of course, my Guildford & Godalming AC vest.